1. Milk Dad punches his way back to Threadless! Now funding at https://www.threadless.com/designs/milk-dad-is-punches-2 - use code SP2SDN for $5 off. Or he’ll punch you.


  2. Anonymous said: Do you design sprites for games?

    Huh, I’ve missed some questions because I don’t think I’ve received notifications. Anyway yes, I do, at my day job. For example here http://www.10tons.com/Game/joining_hands_2.html

  3. Oh gosh! 

    Wieners! the shirt is now up for pre-ordering at Cotton Bureau! If you want it on your body get over there RIGHT NOW! Essential sausagefest wear, I’d say.

  4. Do you ever feel deep existential horror when gazing up at the endless cold void? Well if you do, how about putting that feel on a shirt! Vote and fund Space Anxiety at Threadless now! If 50 people jump on board it’s yours! Use code TWTD32 for $5 off!

  5. This guy is up for scoring at Threadless one more time, but this time with a twist! If 50 people fund (= preorder) it during the week, it will be screen printed and shipped to them! Use this code: 8JD8ZI to get $5 off in case it gets funded. No money lost if it doesn’t reach the goal! Follow this link!

    Or you know, just appreciate the barely moving gif.

  6. This party is totally underground but everyone’s invited! Eventually. And it could be on a shirt pocket if it survives the scoring at Threadless!

  7. Sunny Side Up! This happy little breakfast guy is up for voting in Threadless’ Pocket Tee contest, right this way!

  8. All tees on Teepublic $14! My store at https://www.teepublic.com/user/Morkki

  9. Whoop! I have finally opened a Teepublic store and the first designs are up for sale! Remember, these are only $14 for the first couple of days when they’re fresh so NOW is the best time to get them!

    For your shopping pleasure: https://www.teepublic.com/user/Morkki

  10. Inspired by the movie Her, a simple little pocket shirt design up for voting at the pocket tee competition on Threadless: Me & My OS and it’s pixely alternate 8-bit universe version Me & My OS ‘85