1. S.I.U.F. on Threadless


    Click it. Score it. Share it.

    I drew one of those lovable random bastards!


  2. Win a FREE “BUTT MAGIC!” tee!


    CONTEST! When both the FoodStamp Davis: Important Artist Facebook page AND the @FoodStampDavis twitter get to 200 likes/followers, I’ll be giving TWO lucky fans a FREE BUTT MAGIC! SHIRT in their VERY OWN BODY SIZE! So here’s what you do: Reblog, share the Facebook page, and retweet my twits. Once both accounts hit 200, I’ll randomly choose ONE Facebook fan and ONE Twitter follower to each receive a shirt. That’s ALL fans/followers, not just new ones. So help me out, chumps!




  3. kiwihopper:

    Dispirited - a reanimated collaboration with Ville Morkki, up for voting on Threadless if you’re into that sorta thing

  4. …and I Can Not Lie.

    I made this one for the parody contest at Threadless. Like, oh my gawd Becky.

  5. Melondrama Queen is my remake of a design by Michael Pusey and now up for voting at Threadless. Quit crying and get over there!

  6. Survivin’ - up for voting at Threadless. I think it’s only smart to prepare for the end of the world by getting your appropriate ironic survival clothing before the shit hits the fan.

  7. …So Why Don’tcha Kill Me?

    I made a silly thing about misheard Beck lyrics and put it up for voting at Threadless because why not.

  8. Here’s a doge I drew a while ago

  9. The S-Word

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but I think I ruptured my spleen this time (@ Threadless)

  10. Season’s Screamings!

    Carlyle the Christmas Vampire is back to suck your blood! But also to leave a present if you’ve been good.

    (Up for voting at Threadless, prints and stuff available at Society6 and more incarnations of Carlyle at the Vampire Christmas FB group.)